When an acute blunt force injury is present,
a cervical spine is deemed to not need
radiological imaging if none of the following

1. Severe Mechanism
  • Fall from ≥ 3ft / 5 stairs
  • Axial load injury
  • High speed MVC/rollover/ejection
  • Motorized recreational vehicle
  • Bicycle collision
  • Suspected Child Abuse
2.  H/O Neck Surgery
3. Syndromes effecting neck
4. C Spine Pain - static or on movement
5. Focal neurologic complaints at any time since injur

On assessment
  1. GCS >/= 14
  2. No evidence of intoxication
  3. No painful distracting injuries
  4. No posterior midline cervical tenderness
  5. No focal neurological deficit
  6. No limitation of neck movement
  7. No unexplained hypotension
Cervical Spine Injury
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