It is inflammation of the prepuce and glans in an uncircumcised patient.

Poor hygiene is the primary cause with secondary bacterial and fungal Infections.

For less severe cases, the main treatment is improved care and hygiene of the foreskin.For
worse or advanced cases use,topical vs oral antibiotics.
Ischemic (venoocclusive) priapism is a medical emergency, which if not treated promptly, can
result in permanent corporal fibrosis and erectile dysfunction.

It is defined as persistent, nonsexual erection lasting more than 4 hours. While intravenous
fluids and analgesics are administered, immediate corporal aspiration, irrigation, and saline
lavage is indicated.  Simultaneous intracorporeal injection Phenylephrine.

If these strategies are not effective, emergent penile shunt surgery is indicated.

Application of cold packs is contraindicated. Instead, warm soaks are more helpful and could
be tried if priapism is of less than few hours’ duration.

Ketamine has been shown to have adjunctive detumescence effect and therefore can be
used, especially if sedation is needed to facilitate aspiration and lavage.