Miscellaneous 2
Foreign Body in GI
Foreign Body in Oesophagus
e for spontaneous passage -  Round and Nonsharp Objects
Remove if Sharp Objects, Battery, magnet or if symptomatic.

Foreign Body in stomach and Lower GI  
- asymptomatic, single button battery
Remove if multiple button battery  / magnet, magnetic coin with battery, sharp and > 5 cm long

Avoid oral contrast , CT may be considered.
Endoscopy to remove objects.
Glucagon could be tried to reduce LES tone
Coins may take upto 1 week to pass through GI tract. Repeat X ray is suggested in 2 weeks
if FB is not passed.
For large (≥15 mm) batteries that have passed into the stomach, an esophagram should be
performed to evaluate the esophagus for injury