One Liner
The supine radiograph in the trauma resuscitation suite is not
sensitive for detection of significant thoracic injuries, like an
anterior pneumothorax.

Contrast computed tomography is the imaging modality of choice
for suspected renal trauma in hemodynamically stable patients.

The presence or absence of hematuria does not correlate with the
degree of renal trauma.

Adrenal insufficiency should be considered in patients on
inhaled corticosteroids who present with shock. Hydrocortisone
is the drug of choice for treating patients in adrenal crisis.

Complications from a correctly placed IO line are not significantly
different from those associated with a peripheral IV line.

The majority of cases of urethral prolapse resolve with sitz baths
with or without topical application of estrogen cream.

Child presenting with bradycardia and signs of shock requires
immediate initiation of CPR.

Lidocaine Max dose: Lidocaine: 5 mg/kg
                                 Lidocaine with Epi: 7 mg/kg

DTaP Birth-7 yo, Tdap 7yo-adult

Risk for suicide: Age >12 years, Past attempt, substance  abuse,

Unresponsive toddler found in car backed into snow back. What
level do you need? - Carboxyhemeglobin.

Indication for Hyperbaric Oxygen for CO Poisoning -
 Seizure, syncope, coma, myocardial ischaemia, metabolic
 acidosis, pregnancy

Cyanosis is present in methhb, cherry red colour in COHb and
Cyanide poisoning.

GBS - Child with paresthesia, lower limb ascending weakness
and  areflexia. Inv - CSF.

Infant Botulism - causes constipation, poor feeding and
descending weakness. Inv - Stool for botulinum toxin.

Parkland formula - (4 x BSA burnt x weight) . Half the fluid given
in 8 hrs rest in another 16 hrs. (only second degree burns and

Pyloric Stenosis - occurs between 3 weeks and 3 months.

Intussusception typically presents between 6 and 36 months.

Most children who sustain burns of the oral commissure
(usually after biting an electrical cord) do not require extensive
evaluation or admission. May benefit from ENT or OMFS consult.

Child with headache, elevated BP and periorbital Oedema
requires requires UA as first line.

Malignant Hyperthermia - Increase in temperature, heart rate
and muscle rigidity (inc. CK and K+), Caused by  volatile
anesthetic gases, such as halothane or the depolarizing muscle
relaxants suxamethonium. Rx - Dantrolene.

Septic Hip - position of comfort is  flexion, abduction, and external
rotation, a position that maximizes capsular volume.

Ant. Shoulder dislocation - arm externally rotated and abducted

Pulled elbow position of comfort - elbow extension and pronation.

Arthrogram can be used to rule our penetrating injury of knee

Erythroderma in an unwell child could be - SSSS

BLS crew member can put Nasal trumpet in a semiconscious child
with preserved gag reflex.

Kid with vomting, diarrhea and hypoglycemia needs ketones

Best chance of survival with drowning - bystander cpr immediately

Nose bleed, held pressure x10 min, still bleeding - anterior nasal
packing, could use afrin and neosynepherine with the pack.

RSV in neonates can cause Apnea