One Liner 3
S/P hirschprung's pull though - if presents with diarrhea and
vomiting, suspect enterocolitis.

Phosgene gives pleasant odor of newly mown hay.Pulmonary
edema occurs after 4 to 6 hours, can result in hypotension from

EMTLA violation - both physician and hospital can be fined.

Drugs causing complete heart block - beta-blockers, calcium-
channel blockers, digoxin.

Meds causing methemoglobinemia - antibiotics (trimethoprim,
sulfonamides, and dapsone), antiemetic ( metoclopromide) local
anesthetics (benzocaine, and prilocaine),aniline dyes, rasburicase.

Treat thyrotoxic symptoms with B Blockers.

Indirect hernia passes through both deep and superficial Inguinal
ring but Direct hernia only passes through superficial inguinal

Coughing of blood tinged sputum or epistaxis in an infant could
be due to suffocation.

Causes of neonatal meningitis is GBS , Escherichia coli, and
Listeria monocytogenes).

Alpha 1 - Vasoconstriction,
 Beta 1 - Ionotropy and chronotropy, Beta 2 - Vasodilatation

Ferret Bite - wound doesn't get infected, will require tetnus ifnot
up to date and Rabies vaccine if animal is not vaccinated.

APT Test - is a medical test used to differentiate fetal or neonatal
blood from maternal blood found in a newborn's stool or vomitus.

HIDA Scan for biliary atresia needs pre-treatment with

If Ingestion occurs in packets - Miralax is advised.

NSAIDs works by decreasing cyclooxygenase and inhibiting the
production of prostaglandins.

Lidocaine - Max of 5 mg per kg or 0.5 mL per kg of 1% solution.
   Lido with epi - Maximum dose of 7 mg per kg or 0.7 mL
   per kg of 1% solution

EMLA - lidocaine / Prilocaine is only used on intact skin.

Bartholin's cyst - when complicated needs marsupiliazation.

Cardiac right to left shunt can cause brain abscess.

A Hyponatremic seizure needs 3% NaCl.

"the bends," decompression sickness happens when a scuba
diver ascends too quickly. At the bottom, nitrogen is dissolved in
body tissue which leaves the body if ascent is gradual but in rapid
ascent nitrogen forms bubbles causing nerve and tissue damage.

Most common site of AVN is Proximal femur.

A traction splint should be applied for femur fracture prior to

Surgery is required if Meckel Scan is positive. In any child with a
major rectal bleed and a negative scan, further workup, including
an arteriogram if the bleeding continues to be active or
colonoscopy when the bleeding is not active, is required.

“seatbelt syndrome” with abdominal bruising (“seatbelt sign”), an
associated hyperflexion-induced lumbar fracture (often a Chance
fracture), and intra-abdominal injury.

Spinal cord and soft-tissue injuries are best evaluated by
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), whereas spinal fractures are
better characterized by computed tomography (CT).

CT pulmonary angiography is the preferred method of diagnostic
imaging in patients with a clinical risk score indicative of PE.
Central venous catheter (CVC) is a common predisposing factor.

Acute dystonia from antidopaminergics ( antipsychotic and
antiemetic) is treated with diphenhydramine or benztropine,
treatment should be continued for 24 to 48 hours.

Irritable baby - look for corneal Injury and Hair torniquet.

A repeat attempt increase the risk of suicide.

If a family wants to come into the resuscitation room, we should
   allow them and provide support staff.

For hypertensive crisis use labetalol or sodium nitroprusside.

Diagnosis of UTI needs 50,000 cfu/ml on catheter sample and
100,000 cfu/ml on Clean catch sample .

RX Tinea Capitis - griseofulvin or  terbinafine.

Patella dislocation helped with knee extension and jaw
dislocation push mandible down and back.

After chest tube - continuous leak suggest tracheobronchial

First investigation for febrile child with VP shut, headache and
vomiting - CT Head.

Hyperflexion cervical spine injury  causes flexion teardrop
compression wedge fracture of C7 vertebra which shows anterior
wedging and propulsion of bone fragment anteriorly.